Me Too Me Too Me Too Auditions!

To get you pumped up…. a sick monologue from Taylor Mali on Def Poetry Jam…

If you want to participate in our February show the time to sign up is now!!!

Auditions will be held in the CRR Office on the third floor of the Bryan Center across from the Von Canons this upcoming weekend Nov. 13- Nov. 14.


Express Yourself

Extensions and Auditions!

Hey All!

There is a NEW Monologue Submission deadline: THIS SUNDAY, NOV. 7. Get your submission in! We are in special need of more male perspectives!!!

Also auditions will be held Nov 13 and 14. Email for more information or to sign up for a time!!!

-The Me Too Monologues Team

It’s the Third Annual Me Too Monologues!

and we’re back on WordPress with some information on the third annual Me Too Monologues to be held in February of 2011!!!

The Center for Race Relations is asking for YOUR help.

Have you ever had an experience with race or ethnicity and wanted to share it?

Have you ever thought about gender or sexuality and wanted someone to hear your opinions?

Me Too!

The Me Too Monologues are back!

The third edition of the monologues show dealing with issues of identity at Duke – race, ethnicity, gender and sexuality – will open next February. We are asking ALL MEMBERS OF THE DUKE COMMUNITY to help bring this show to LIFE by submitting monologues of personal experiences on race, ethnicity, gender and sexuality. They can be of all lengths, themes, styles. A paragraph, a poem, a song, an interview, a ten page essay – we want it all!

All stories will be kept strictly confidential, and writers will not have to perform their ownmonologues.

We are also looking for actors who are interested in performing. The show will be held in February and we will begin rehearsing in November. We encourage students of all backgrounds to audition.

Auditions: November 13th, 14th

Monologues Submissions Deadline: October 29th.

We encourage ALL members of the Duke community, not only students, to submitmonologues!

If anyone is crunched for time for a monologue but really really wants to submit one, shoot us an email and we’ll work something out.
Email to sign up for auditions or submit a monologue. Thanks so much for your help!

This is a GREAT cause, a venue to begin dialogues on some of the most important issues on Campus. Let’s make it happen.

Are you excited? ME TOO!

New Cast, Show date is set!

Hi everyone,

It our our pleasure to announce that the second annual Me Too Monologues show will be held on Sunday, February 28th at 7pm. More details to come!

We also have our talented cast set for the show.  Welcome to the Me Too Monologues/Center for Race Relations family!

Afftene Taylor
Antonina Vikhrest
Chastity Threadcraft
Erica Duh
Jamie Kaye-Phillips
Jasdeep Garcha
Joe Yarbough
Lucy Jin
Maja Falcon
Maggie Hoff
Stephanie Chang
Sylvia Nantier
Taylor Callobre
Zoey Best

And the production crew:

Priyanka Chaurasia

Chrissy Ziccarelli
Theatrical Director

Jasdeep Garcha
Director of Publicity

Clara Yang
Assistant Producer

Taylor Damiani
Assistant Theatrical Director

Monologues team:

Ahmad Jitan, Aliza Lopes-Baker, Bhumi Purohit, Jideka Nwosu, Kevin Nathan, Kimi Goffe, Maja Falcon, Upom Malik, Ying-Ying Lu

We’re so excited!  We’ll be having a cast and crew shindig at Priyanka and Chrissy’s apartment this coming week, and rehearsals start next week.

More updates to come.


You can now sign up to tryout for Me Too Monologues 2010!

Tryouts are Saturday and Sunday, October 17th and 18th.

Sign up here.


First batch of monologues posted

Me Too Monologues cast (Not pictured: Chrissy Ziccarelli)

Me Too Monologues cast (Not pictured: Chrissy Ziccarelli)

Hey everyone,

This is long time coming, but here’s the first batch from the show. The video quality isn’t excellent (it’s our first year, we’re learning!), but the essence is there.

Our show had a great turnout. We had estimated that maybe 80-90 students would come to see a monologues show about race relations. Days before the event, over 300 had RSVPed on the Facebook event. The location was moved two days before the event to White Lecture Hall, which seats around 300 people. The day of the event, people were overflowing onto the stairs, the floor, and tables. We had around 350 people attend.

Maja performing "Finals"

Maja performing "Finals"

The show went on without a hitch, free tshirts were distributed, and the show was a success. Students and administrators had a range of experiences, many saying that this was the first time they had ever discussed race relations with their friends.

Talking about race in such an honest setting started some heated discussions afterward. The Center for Race Relations hosted a series of dialogues after the show, reperforming select monologues and having a discussion afterward about issues raised.

The show was a great success. We will be doing it again next year, so keep an eye out for more news! If you’re interested in production, performing, or submitting a monologue, please email

Priyanka Chaurasia
Creator, Me Too Monologues

Co-President, Center of Race Relations
Duke University

Priyanka in front of the audience

In front of the audience. It's packed!

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