Get Involved

Email to get involved.  Here’s how:


1. Submit your story.

  • We want all stories– sad, happy, celebrations of race, short, long, rap, poetry, spoken word.  That said, we need some funny ones!
  • If you have a story but aren’t sure about how to put it on paper/Microsoft Word, let us know.  We’ll work with you.
  • We maintain your anonymity.  And you don’t have to perform.
  • Not all monologues will be selected for the show.
  • We’re just gonna put it out there: White people have stories about race too.  Really.  

2. Try out to perform.

  • You don’t have to have acting experience to perform.  In fact, in our first show this year, about half the cast hadn’t done any serious acting.  Our director works with you.  That said, you should be comfortable to be on stage, to project your voice, memorize lines, and do some interesting theater exercises to get you into character.  Also, this is an opportunity to address the lack of minorities in theater! Try out; we want everyone! 
  • The show is very soon after we get back from Winter Break.  MLK Weekend, January 2010. That means frequent rehearsals in November 2009 (most of which are flexible since it’s a monologues show so you can set your times with us) AND REHEARSING ON YOUR OWN over Winter Break. Don’t let us down.  Or don’t try out.

3. Get involved with the production side.

  • Have a penchant for flyering? Love to design costumes and set up stages?  Like arsty publicity shiz?  Get involved with production council!  
It really is a great cause, folks.  Let’s make this happen.

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