The Me Too Monologues is a show produced by the Center for Race Relations.  It is a series of true stories written by members of the Duke community and performed by Duke students.  The stories address issues of race, culture, and ethnicity, and speak to the raw experiences of our peers.  

Race is more than diversity numbers or academic theories.  To truly understand race, you have to live it.  And everyone has lived it.  Yes, everyone.  We all have a story.  Whether it is being racially profiled at an airport, dealing with interracial dating, or feeling like someone’s token white friend, we all have stories.  And we’re not going to truly get it until we live eachother’s experiences.  Hearing it, breathing it, feeling what someone you go to class with has lived.

The Me Too Monologues is all about living it.

The show takes place on MLK Weekend, January 18th at 7 pm in White Lecture Hall on East Campus.  We hope you can join us to explore the myriad issues still to be resolved in the wake of Martin Luther King, Jr.’s legacy.  We’d hope even more that you GET INVOLVED.


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