Our Cast!

Hey everyone!

It’s been a while, but a big congratulations to our new talented cast! More updates are to come, and rehearsals for the February show will begin soon. Here’s the lineup for the 2011 show:

Michelle Sohn

Steph Darand

Metty Fisseha

Bridget Gomez

Catherine Castillo

Gordon Wilson

Jacob Tobia

Jaimie Woo

Jasmine A

Kinnari Bhojani

Lucy Goodson

Nasia Haque

Isaac Mizrahi

Nnenna Ene

Robert Wainblat

Samuel Kebede

Sebastian Cifuentes

Spencer Paez

Steven Li

Yujin Chun

Zoey Best

And our monologues team:

Producer: Clara Yang

Theatrical Director: Taylor Damiani

Assistant Producer: Kimi Goffe
Assistant Director: Afftene Taylor
Publicity Directors: Erica Duh and Ashley Tsai
Team: Amalia Siricia, Megan Weinand, Bhumi Purohit, Ollie Wilson

Get excited for the February show!!!


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