New Cast, Show date is set!

Hi everyone,

It our our pleasure to announce that the second annual Me Too Monologues show will be held on Sunday, February 28th at 7pm. More details to come!

We also have our talented cast set for the show.  Welcome to the Me Too Monologues/Center for Race Relations family!

Afftene Taylor
Antonina Vikhrest
Chastity Threadcraft
Erica Duh
Jamie Kaye-Phillips
Jasdeep Garcha
Joe Yarbough
Lucy Jin
Maja Falcon
Maggie Hoff
Stephanie Chang
Sylvia Nantier
Taylor Callobre
Zoey Best

And the production crew:

Priyanka Chaurasia

Chrissy Ziccarelli
Theatrical Director

Jasdeep Garcha
Director of Publicity

Clara Yang
Assistant Producer

Taylor Damiani
Assistant Theatrical Director

Monologues team:

Ahmad Jitan, Aliza Lopes-Baker, Bhumi Purohit, Jideka Nwosu, Kevin Nathan, Kimi Goffe, Maja Falcon, Upom Malik, Ying-Ying Lu

We’re so excited!  We’ll be having a cast and crew shindig at Priyanka and Chrissy’s apartment this coming week, and rehearsals start next week.

More updates to come.


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