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If you want to play a part in next year’s Me Too Monologues you should apply to be on the Production Team for the Me Too Monologues 2012! Your responses are due Sunday, March 27th to

Production Team Positions

–Assistant Director

–Assistant Producer
–Technical Director
–Publicity Manager

–Photographer and Videographer (can be two people)

*Please note: the asst. director and producer would preferably be non-seniors, so that they can carry their knowledge over to next year’s Me Too Production team.

If you aren’t ready to take a leadership role– don’t worry! We might also need a couple extra people to help publicize and select monologues, so if you’d be interested, put that in your application as well.

Recap: let us know by Sunday, March 27th, if:

1) you’d like to be on the Me Too Monologue Production team in any capacity
2) you are interested in a position listed above

Application questions:

1. Have you been involved in Me Too Monologues before? How?

2. What position are you applying for?
3. Tell us why you’d like to be involved and any ideas you have for next year’s show.




Videos are in the process of being uploaded! You can check our youtube account: for videos from the show.

You can help contribute to the me too movement starting NOW! Email with your own monologues for next year’s show, or post your thoughts to

Once again, thanks to everyone who came out to see the show this year!



Hey everyone!

Opening night of Me Too Monologues 2011 was absolutely incredible. Seats were COMPLETELY filled and our actors and actresses did a phenomenal job. If you missed out, there is another show TOMORROW at 7:30 in THE NELSON MUSIC ROOM. Be the first 50 there and get a free shirt!

If you have something to contribute after seeing tonight’s show we encourage you to post your thoughts, or read those of your peers, on

AND If you want to contribute to next year’s show, please email your monologue to

Thank you to those who attended tonight, and get ready for another great show tomorrow!

– The Me Too Team

Counting the days!

Tonight was the first rehearsal and it looks fantastic so far!

Come out this Friday and Saturday to see a great AND free show. First 50 each night gets a shirt!!!

Label Me Now Shirts

It’s Almost Here!!!

Our Cast!

Hey everyone!

It’s been a while, but a big congratulations to our new talented cast! More updates are to come, and rehearsals for the February show will begin soon. Here’s the lineup for the 2011 show:

Michelle Sohn

Steph Darand

Metty Fisseha

Bridget Gomez

Catherine Castillo

Gordon Wilson

Jacob Tobia

Jaimie Woo

Jasmine A

Kinnari Bhojani

Lucy Goodson

Nasia Haque

Isaac Mizrahi

Nnenna Ene

Robert Wainblat

Samuel Kebede

Sebastian Cifuentes

Spencer Paez

Steven Li

Yujin Chun

Zoey Best

And our monologues team:

Producer: Clara Yang

Theatrical Director: Taylor Damiani

Assistant Producer: Kimi Goffe
Assistant Director: Afftene Taylor
Publicity Directors: Erica Duh and Ashley Tsai
Team: Amalia Siricia, Megan Weinand, Bhumi Purohit, Ollie Wilson

Get excited for the February show!!!

Sign Ups!

You can audition ALL weekend (Sat through Sunday!)

And the link once again!

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